Thursday, March 13, 2014

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When Cupid conspires with Venus to play a prank on the stoic god of the sea he has no idea that his tin-plated arrow will unleash the undersea scandal of the century.
Cupid is always up for a prank, as long as it doesn't interfere with his football matches, pub brawls, and gambling. When Venus asks her son to strike Neptune, Cupid should have considered why his mother was so interested…or maybe he just should have drunk a little less ambrosia.
Neptune is a stoic sea god, untouched by love. That is until something happens and Neptune sings his love for—Amphitrite? A woman who hates him and until recently, whom Neptune scarcely noticed. But there was a witness--and Neptune knows exactly whose tin arrow is to blame.
Cupid ends up on the pointy side of Neptune's trident before being dragged under the sea. To get back to the surface, it's either sink, swim, or seduce. And when wedding bells chime, the love god has to decide if he is truly brave enough to put his heart on the line. 

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