Monday, February 10, 2014

February 2014 Absolute Write Blog Chain

This month's prompt: 
Characters Writing About AuthorsHave your character write about you, the author, their creator. You may choose any character so long as you created them, and may write in any format.

Cupid Writing about Samantha Lehane

It seems like Samantha decided to shanghai me into blogging... How very modern. Let me introduce myself, I'm Cupid. You might have heard of me from all the myths, legends, and of course, the short story, “Kidnapping Cupid” by Samantha Lehane. If you haven't heard of me, rest assured that I am a very big deal. I'm the God of Love.

Oh, dear me, where do I ever begin with Samantha Lehane? She's a nice quiet sort of girl- librarian by trade and a dreamer by nature. She is my favorite kind of librarian... the naughty kind. Well, she hasn't reached my level of debauchery but she has written a naughty story or two...

I had my first acquaintance with Samantha through infecting her with an infatuation. 

Freshman year of college is a wild time. I made sure of it. Someone had to get her nose out of a book!

Nowadays, I let the poor girl settle down into a nice love affair with a dear boy. It hasn't been the easiest road what with her being a lesbian after all.

How did a friend of Ellen end up with a boy? Well, not all boys are born that way.  Sometimes they need a little help from a doctor to reach their true potential. Hormones are a lovely thing that way. They can turn a sad woman into a happy man. It’s been a fun ride so far but I won’t ever tell her if that is the last curve ball that love will throw her way. I’m a sporting man after all.

Besides if even I can’t choose my love destiny then why should she?

Samantha might think that she knows a lot about me because she wrote about one of my many adventures but I know a great deal more about her! I’d love to be scandalous and share all her love secrets but I’m afraid that the shy thing would just delete my post. But between you and me, gentle reader, this librarian has quite the imagination. I’m sure that her man would agree!

This blogging thing isn’t for me, I’ll tell you right now. I’d rather grab a pint and dish the dirt in the privacy of a noisy pub full of rowdy English chavs! Then again, if you read her story, you’d already know my proclivities.


 Just because Neptune and I are an item with a capital I that doesn’t mean that I have stopped having fun.

I’ll sign off for now, but you’ll feel my love influence soon… Probably when you least expect it! 

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  1. It's nice to meet ya Cupid, I'm Arryn from over at Sneaky's place. I'm intrigued by you. This level of debauchery you speak of....just how high are we talking here? Anywho, some of the others are pretty cool too. You should introduce yourself around, I'm sure you'll be welcomed. ;)

  2. Helloooooo Cupid! I have a character who could use a little spunk in his lacking love life! Maybe I'll have to give him a chance to speak for himself? lol

    Nice to meet you. I'm thinking Samantha might give you a bit of a spank if you talk about her secrets! :D

  3. Hey Cupid, Cuss here, it's nice to make your acquaintance. I got told I had to work some on my manners, so I'm tryin' them out on you. Hope I'm doin' ok. Librarians are hella awesome, they get to have ALL the books. I might maybe want to be one when I grow up. Thanks for sharin' all about your writer-lady, I like readin' about what everyone else has to put up with ;) - Cuss

  4. Hey Cupid! Oh boy, sounds like you are busy. I may have to nudge my writer to go look for this story of yours. I am always up for a bit of naughty.

  5. Glad you saved some of Samantha's secrets for another time Cupid. Maybe as a reward she'll write a story about you were you do get to choose your love destiny. :-)

  6. Neptune and you are an item? My heart is broken :(